Waterhouse Photography

Since opening our portrait studio in Hipperholme we have had the pleasure of photographing many families, babies and children.
We strive to make every portrait session a personalized experience, and you can rest assured that all our attention is
on your family or child and there will never be a rush. Our aim is to provide a relaxed and informal time, creating vibrant
and artistic portrait photography, we are highly experienced in making even the most reluctant subject happy and relaxed.
Our portrait sessions creatively capture you at your best either in the studio or out on location.
Sessions fill up quickly it is best to book at least four weeks in advance.
Please contact Colin or Lesley to book your must have session to cherish the memories.

Here is a gallery showing some of our portrait photography:

001a.jpg 002port.jpg 003port.jpg 004port.jpg 005port.jpg 007port.jpg 009port.jpg 011port.jpg 013port.jpg 016port.jpg 017port.jpg 019port.jpg 01a.jpg 020port.jpg 022port.jpg 023port.jpg 025port.jpg 025porta.jpg 025portb.jpg 026port.jpg 031port.jpg 032port.jpg 032port11.jpg 033port.jpg 034port.jpg 037port.jpg 038port.jpg 039port.jpg 040port.jpg 041port.jpg 044port.jpg 063port1.jpg a63port1a.jpg aport.jpg