Waterhouse Photography

Headshots / Model / PR

Each photo session lasts for upto 60mins but can run upto 2hours allowing time for a change of outfits and retouching of
makeup and hair. With all sessions we make sure you get lots of variety, this means using different lighting setups,
different backdrops and a number of outfit changes. Shoots can take place in the studio, on location, or both.

To book a session or if you need to talk about planning a photo shoot, or are wanting to expand your portfolio then
please call Colin or Lesley at the studio.

Here is a gallery showing some of our Headshots, Model and PR photography:

21a.jpg 21b.jpg mph 01.jpg mph 02b.jpg mph 03a.jpg mph 04.jpg mph 05.jpg mph 06.jpg mph 07a.jpg mph 08.jpg mph 09b.jpg mph 09c.jpg mph 10.jpg mph 11.jpg mph 12a.jpg mph 13.jpg mph 13b.jpg mph 14a.jpg mph 18.jpg mph 19a.jpg mph 20a.jpg mph 21.jpg mph 22.jpg mph 23.jpg mph 24b.jpg mph 25a.jpg mph 26a.jpg mph 27.jpg mph 29.jpg mph 30.jpg mph 31a.jpg mph 32a.jpg